All you need to do is go to the Pending orders authorization section, do a search using any of the filters (Major Company, Minor Company, Service Station, Encounter Status, Patient MRN, Encouner ID, Order Status or Ordered Date) and click on the search button

After that, you just have to select the meeting you want to work with and select if you want to approve it, reject it or leave it as pending.

As a note if you approve the order it must be sent to the insurance charge manager section and if the order is rejected should go to the patient charge manager section.

Also if you want to see the history of the pending order all you need to do is click on the menu button and choose the option "Change log"

And after that the system displays a window that shows the changes that a order has received.

NOTE: The process for medications that may need goes as follows:

  • Enter the orders option

  • Capture a medication that requieres pre-authorization (you can see if the medication needs pre-authorization in the status column once you added)

  • Click the save button

  • After that you go to the "Pending Orders Authorization" option

  • Search and select the patient you requested the medication

  • Then click the menu button and choose the "Document action" option

  • Then the system displays a new window where you can change the status of the authorization.


12/20/2021. Now our Pending Orders Authorization screen will show you both NPHIES Code and Product Code on your order's results:

We hope that with these changes we can improve your experience at Cirrus. Please remember to share this information and request help if necessary.

Date: March 29, 2021

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