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01/31/2022 New inbox feature for NPHIES Payments

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In NPHIES Inbox window, you will now be able to to view the claim history and information for all the NPHIES validation polls, allowing you to modify or track the messages sent by the system and to update the NPHIES status in Pending Order Authorization window. This to enhance your NPHIES insurance approval processes.

This window was called originally Nphies Payments, you can find it on CIrrus by its current name: Nphies Inbox .

By adding this V1.0 of Nphies Inbox the user will be able to Poll whatever received message in Nphies Queue and add each type (Communication, Preauthorization, Claim & Payment) to the panel. This new types can be selected by filtering Poll Types in Header.


This screen will show messages related to NPHIES Communications.


This screen will show the outcome status and response status for each NPHIES request


This screen will show Claims sent to NPHIES (for charges that were rejected earlier) and their status


Payments will show the list of those payments that were already approved and their amounts.

Updates :

  • Automatic Polling in Nphies Inbox through Cron Implementation

    June 05, 2023.

    The previous version of this window allowed users to manually poll for Nphies messages and to view any Communication, Pre-Authorization, Claim or Payment messages given by Nphies. Now, we have implemented an automated process that with the help of Waseel, will automatically poll any response delivered by Nphies and will save it on our database (in order to display any of these messages in their corresponding section, see example).

    Once implemented, this polling process will run every five minutes and will save these received messages from Nphies so users don't have to Send Nphies Poll manually each time they enter this window. Thanks to this update, we have prepared our Cirrus interface for receiving these delivered messages in our database.

    The current Send Nphies Poll option will still be available, which will send manually a poll request to Nphies :

Note : The automated process is performed by Waseel but this implementation will prepare our window for its further implementation.

We hope this improves your Cirrus experience. Remember to share this information and ask for help if you need it.

Date: January 31, 2022

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