We have added new information fields on Abstracting (Coding) window, allowing you to complete processes and validate them for their approval by Nphies.

Check here below our latest improvements:

  • Bed number on header.

    Patient's bed number will appear on patient header (see examples below).

  • Claim Totals

    We will now display a bar with all of the totals for the current charges; Claimed Total Amount, Total Tax and Total Discount. This will allow you to visualize encounter totals before sending these for their NPHIES approval.

  • Detail of charges columns

    Charges subtab will now display the following columns:

    • Unit of Measure (UOM)

    • Unit Price

    • Agreement Total

    • Charges

These amounts will help you validate the total amounts for every charge added.

  • UCAF 2.0 (Nphies) option in context menu:

    You can also see a new option in context menu (top right) that will display all of those transactions that should be added, called UCAF 2.0 (Nphies) and it is the same report that we can download on Nphies Report:

  • NPHIES Request Data:

    After sending your charges to Nphies for their approval, you will be able to visualize request data on Request Date and Request ID columns, this on Nphies Request/Response Data tab:

We hope this improves your Cirrus experience. Remember to share this information and ask for help if you need it.

Date: July 4, 2022

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