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Changes in Bank Deposit, Currency column is added
Changes in Bank Deposit, Currency column is added

05/24/2021 We facilitate the identification of the type of currency in use

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In the Bank Deposit option, you will notice the following changes:

1. Added Currency column to Search Result panel

You can see that the type of currency corresponding to each bank account is displayed.

2. In the bank account record detail, you will notice that the Currency field was added to the header. This field is only informative, it is filled by default with the type of currency that is configured for this bank.

The Currency column was also added to the Details table.

3. In the same way, the currency column was added in the pop-up displayed when adding documents to the deposit.

We hope that with these changes we can improve your experience at Cirrus. Please remember to share this information and request assistance if necessary.

Date: May 24, 2021

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