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Copy insurance information from apollo in Multibilling
Copy insurance information from apollo in Multibilling

05/31/2021 Now you can apply your patient's insurance information when multibilling

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You can easily obtain the information of your patient's insurance company, when billing for extensions, just follow these steps.

In Multibilling :

Having the extension to be billed chosen in the current extension field, and the charges added to this Extension:

1.- Fill in the information of the insurance company of your patient and the required data.

2.- Go to the Deductible and Discounts tab and click on the Copy Policy Discount button.

If the insurance policy has more than one record, you can choose the one that corresponds to you.

The data brought from the patient's insurer will appear on the screen in the following fields: Deductible, Coinsurance, Medical Coinsurance, and Copay.

They will also appear in the charges of the insurer as negative charges and in the extension or as charges to the patient, you can see it in the following image

Now follow the normal flow to generate an Invoice or print the Account statement, the information of the insurer will be reflected in the documents.

Some things to know:

  • If you want to add a discount as well, please add the discount first and then Copy Policy Discounts.

  • You can modify the ​​insurance values manually.

  • If you modify the values ​​manually, the Copy Policy Discounts button will be disabled. To activate it again press the button Calculate Discounts.

Important Note: If you do not add a diagnosis to your patient, Apollo will default that everything is covered by the insurer!

We hope that with these changes we can improve your experience at Cirrus. Please remember to share this information and request assistance if necessary.

Date: May 31, 2021

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