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Annual calendar and period
Before starting Annual Calendar Period
Before starting Annual Calendar Period

1. What you need to know 2. The benefits 3. Start closing process

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1. What you need to know

Learn the key points about the period closing.

  • It is mandatory that all cash registers to be closed at the moment of closing the period.

  • All documents generated by operations that affect the accounting must must be in status completed and posted.

  • The closing don't consider documents created by consigned products movements.

*If there are documents not posted*

The system won't stop the closing process in case there are documents not posted.

2. The benefits

  • To insure that nobody will perform operations that affect the accounting of the closing month.

  • The assurance that the closing month documents won't be modified.

  • The trust that information generated from the monthly reports or financial statements is not corrupted.

3. Start closing process

What you need to know before starting the closing process.

  • Open the window "Annual Calendar and Period".

  • Select the year to display periods.

  • Open the inline menu on the month you wish to close.

1. Select the option "Period actions".

2. Make sure the selected option is "Closed period".

3. Click on the button "Accept".

4. The end.

After finishing the aforementioned steps.

You'll see the message "Closed period".

If at the last step the system prompts you with the window "Pending Documents".

Download the file to identify the documents that don't comply.

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