Before starting Document Search

1. What you need to know 2. The benefits 3. Start document search

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1. What you need to know

1. Date range (3 months as max.)

2. The document number must have at least 3 characters and you can add the % symbol at the beginning and at the end of the string. There must be no spaces.

3. You must select the type of document and starting from one and up to five options.

4. You must display the search results window.

5. For each document you can select the options: accounting poliy of expenses, document details, and related documents.

2. The benefits

To search and view documents as well as their details, related documents and the flow of accounting entries to double check the information.

3. Start document search

1. Open the window "Document Finder".

2. Select the dates range, type of document and the document number.

3. Click on the Search icon (magnifier).

4. Click on the tag over the section A to visualize the results.

5. Open the inline menu of each row to view the information of the relevant record.

6. The end.

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