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Columns Added to the List Discount Scheme Maintenance
Columns Added to the List Discount Scheme Maintenance

07/03/2023 View columns with discount schemes update information

Escrito por Rubén Mosqueda Herrera
Actualizado hace más de una semana

Now the Discount Scheme Maintenance will include new improvements that will allow users to view relevant data about the edition of the discount schemes that appear in this list.

See more details about these enhancements:

  1. User filter in Search Panel

    We included a new User filter to the search panel, which will allow you to filter the discount schemes according to the contact or user who last edited said schemes, thus allowing you to consult and edit these records more easily.

  2. Columns with edition data in search results.

    In addition to this, we added two new columns that will display information about the latest edition of each scheme discount:

    Contact/User. Cirrus user who last edited a discount scheme.

    Update date. Date when this record was last edited.

With these improvements, we will give more information to the users of this window and we will give more clarity to the processes of editing discount schemes.

We hope this improves your Cirrus experience. Remember to share this information and ask for help if you need it.

Date: July 03, 2023.

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