Unposted Pending Documents

Search and view the document posting status of any movement that generates accounting in your organization.

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In the Unposted Pending Documents window, you can search for the different documents generated for both the revenue cycle and the expenditure cycle and check if whether or not they were posted or accounted. You will be able to post it if not and see the accounting entry with its corresponding accounting accounts.

In Cirrus it is very important to generate the Accounting of all financial income and expenses, in many windows it is generated automatically but in some others it is generated after confirming in a pop-up of the type: Do you want to post it and create the accounting entries? . In this way, it is easier to post any pending documents and download their report.

See the step by step of this process here :

  1. Go to Unposted Pending Documents window.

  2. Enter search parameters :

    • Date Range (mandatory).

    • Posting Status (All , Posted , Not Posted ).

    • Search Type (All, Revenue Cycle, Expenditure Cycle).

    • Document Type (mandatory, can select up to five types of documents).

    • Document Number (Mandatory).

    • Status of Documents.

    Click Search.

  3. The results will be shown grouped according to the type of document to which they belong. Here you can see if they have been posted or not, perform the Accounting in the contextual menu if not, see the Accounting Policy of Expenses and more information on each document.

  4. To download the report for the results (Unposted Pending Documents Report), click print.

An excel file will be downloaded with the breakdown of the information for Opening Date, Cash Register, Cashiering Area , Sequence, Posted or not, the accounting accounts, the quantities, the product name and the debit and credit amounts (click on image to open example).

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