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Improvements to the Payment Registration Process in Bank Conciliation
Improvements to the Payment Registration Process in Bank Conciliation

08/28/23 Enhancements to the payment registration process and fixed amounts

Escrito por Rubén Mosqueda Herrera
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As part of the improvements added to Cirrus in order to perform bank reconciliation*, we have added several changes that will allow users to perform bank reconciliation and accounting of these movements correctly.

The improvements are the following:

All Documents Search Filter

  • In the search panel of the Bank Conciliation window, we have added a new status filter called All, which will allow users to view all bank reconciliation documents (drafted and completed) during the selected date range :

    Correction to types of bank account statement movements

  • We have fixed the breakdown of the amounts in the column of imported movements (right column), which shows all those movements imported from the Bank Statement file in .csv format. Now, when an amount is negative, Cirrus will know that it is a withdrawal to this bank account and when it is positive it will automatically set it as a deposit.

    The same will apply to the reports generated and the accounting of payment and collection documents.

    Sending generated withdrawals and deposits to their corresponding windows

  • Deposits and withdrawals generated from the account statement will automatically go to their respective windows: withdrawals to the Payment Provider window and received transfers to the Collections and Assignments window. With this, we make sure that the accounting of internal payments is generated correctly.

    Withdrawals in Payment Provider :

    Correct accounting :

    Deposits in Collections and Assignments :

    Correct accounting :

    Improved handling of amount signs

    Since charges are originally imported with a negative sign, there was previously an error that kept this negative sign in the Payment Provider window. This will not happen anymore, since the sign only indicates that it is a charge (withdrawal) and now it will be shown as positive in said window:

We hope this improves your Cirrus experience. Remember to share this information and ask for help if you need it.

Date: August 28, 2023.

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