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12/05/22 Create PDF support file from several encounters and save this report in each encounter

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We have added a new window from where you will be able to generate the Summary PDF file for many encounters at once, this to improve the abstracting report process and to send these multiple summary files to their insurance company.

These reports will later be saved in Abstracting screen where each selected patient will have their own report saved (Options >> Attach button ) .

Follow these steps to use this functionality :

  1. Go to Create Summary PDF (ask for its configuration if it does not appear).

  2. Select New Record to create a new one.

  3. Enter filters to see the encounter or encounters. These filters are: Customer (Company) , Patient Type (Inpatient or Outpatient) and Admission Date range.

  4. Click refresh icon to see the results.

  5. Select those encounters for which you need to add this type of document (as an attachment). These documents will be created as a background process so if you decide to add several encounters then this process might take longer than usual (less than 5 minutes).

Note : If any encounter already has this Summary PDF attached in Abstracting options, then you will not be able to create a new file from here.

6 . Now select from header the type of documents you would like to attach onto this summary file. The documents are :

  • Encounter Balance

  • Laboratory

  • All Investigation Reports

  • UCAF 2.0 and UCAF 2.0 Nphies

  • Radiology Reports

  • Medical File

  • Dispensed Medications

  • Discharge Report

7. Now, to generate this document, click context menu and select Generate PDF :

Process will run as a background process. Once it has been completed you will see a confirmation message (click flag icon to see its progress ) :

To validate the creation of this summary report, go to Abstracting and select your encounter. Click options (patient icon, top left corner) and select Attach. Here you must see the Summary file with the name given by default :

Note: Once generated for a patient, users can also download this report from Electronic Patient Record window, in Attached Documents tab.

Updates :

  • Create Summary PDF Validations

    July 17, 2023.

Now, in order to clarify communications during the Create Summary PDF processes, we have included multiple visual validations that will communicate more details about every process performed in this window and alert about missing fields. See below all of these enhancements and their impact : 

  • Enter Customer information validation

    Now, when performing a document search, Cirrus will remind you to select a Customer if you haven't search for any option yet :

This field is mandatory so this message will remind you to select an option :

  • File select validations

    In order to generate a summary PDF, you must select at least one of the available documents types :

If you haven't selected any of the current documents, Cirrus will remind you to do so :

  • Encounter selection validations

In addition, if you have not selected yet any encounter before clicking Create PDF, Cirrus will display the following message, reminding you to select records before proceeding :

  • Confirmation message

Alo, if you have selected documents and click Create PDF, you will see a confirmation message, where you will need to click Yes to proceed :

This message will let you know the count of records that will be processed, in our example 6231 records were processed, this to give more details about the number of selected records :

Also, in order to improve the process of multiple encounters at once, Cirrus will run the background process in batches of 10 records, when the selection exceeds 100.

  • Progress bar message

The number of encounters to be processed will also be shown in Background Processes option (top right flag) :

And instead of showing either 1 or 100% progress, Cirrus will show the real progress of this process :

Status will remain as Drafted until this process is completed. Then it will change to Generated.

  • Display of document number

    Once Cirrus completes creating the Summary PDFs for every encounter selected, you will see a confirmation message that will now display the number of this completed document :

We hope this improves your Cirrus experience. Remember to share this information and ask for help if you need it.

December 5, 2022.

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