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Latest Releases
Latest Releases

Cirrus latest updates, improvements and releases | See update history on each category

Admission and Discharge Dates in Claim Document Detail
CPT Codes Update in Charge Master II
Numerical Order of Items on Movement Reports
Validations to the Patient ID Registration
Reindex by Product
Encounter Selection Improvements in Medical Schedule
New Option in Insurance Policy Manager : Levels
Improvements to the Niffler Interface
New Detail Grouping in Consolidated Invoices (KSA)
Validations in Charges Hours
Improvements to the Quotation Format
Transit Inventory Adjustment
Conssignment Products Information in Inventory Movement Reports
Cancel Button in Claim Document Window
Appointment Fields for Physician User creation through Wizard
QR Code in Credit Notes and Debit Notes
Invoices Summary Report
Charges Search in Multibilling window
Claim Document : Export Nphies Errors
Search by MRN in Patient Registration
Product Filter in Product Delivery Screen
Show Accounting Permissions by Role
Drug Classification and Tax Category Added to the Product Importer
Debit Card Movements in Cashier Reports
Revert Brand Medication Association in OP Pharmacy
Encounter Info in Encounter Dashboard
Lot Display in Product Request Reports
New Schedule Type Filter in the Monthly Surgeries window
Accounting Information in Document Search
Reason in Product Return and Movement Confirmation
New Printout Rule in Testing Environments
Patient Phone Number and Email in Service Orders screen
Supplier and Date of Last Reception in Administered Prescriptions Report
Products Importer Improvements
Claim Document Navigation Features
Export Button in Report Uploader - Only for ECS Staff
Pending Orders Products Released when Marked as Unused
Cash Payment Form in Collections and Assignments
Medical Fees Reception Report
Fixed Assets Improvements
Advance Payments Report
Improvements to the Lots Expiration Report
Improvements to the Automatic Replenishment Process
Business Partner Inactivating Validations
Revert Supply Amount in Delivery of Products
Update Attribute Instance Data : Lots
eMAR Option from EHR Columns Improved
Improvement to Restrict Extensions Selection in Multibilling