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Inpatient & Outpatient Pharmacy Management and Flow

Dispense medications from one or more lots in Outpatient Pharmacy
Review and confirm or delete PRN medications in Pharmacy Dashboard
Brand drug replacing improvement in Pharmacy Dashboard
Round-up of quantities in Outpatient Pharmacy
Insurance Charge Manager field removed from Outpatient Pharmacy
Cancel Medications from different lots in Outpatient Pharmacy
Encounter charges button in Outpatient Pharmacy
Charges confirmation window in Outpatient Pharmacy
Dispensed Prescriptions Report in Pharmacist Dashboard
Past medications tab in Pharmacy Dashboard
Last taken medication column in Outpatient Pharmacy
View dispensed quantities of medications in Pharmacy Dashboard
Reading of Lot Barcode in Outpatient Pharmacy
Quick access to Pending orders from the Pharmacy dashboard
Now Pharmacist Dashboard have medispan alerts
Now Outpatient pharmacy have Medispan alerts
Outpatient Pharmacy Discharge Medications
Add end date (last day) column to Pharmacist dashboard
Prescription lock so that only one user is working on it at the same time
Print the prescription from the Outpatient pharmacy dashboard
Label printing for medicine bottles
Pharmacy Orders Priority Status
Serial No. Management for Inpatient Pharmacy
Reprint Medication Labels in Inpatient Pharmacy
Delivery Area in Dispensed Prescriptions Report (Inpatient)
Pharmacist Dashboard's Medications Grouped by Day
Limit Days of Prescription & New Tab in Outpatient Pharmacy Dashboard
Drug Labels Re-Design for High Risk & LASA Medications
Prescriptions Medispan Alerts in Pharmacy windows
Dispense From More than One Lot in Pharmacist Dashboard
Dispensing Time in Outpatient Pharmacy Labels
New Quantity Format on Pharmacy Screens