Invoice, cash, accounts receivable and reports
Open Cash Register
Open Cash Register
Bank Deposit
Bank Deposit
Update History
Username and Currency Improvements for the Note Payment Refund Report
Updated Patient Information in Taxed Invoice
Group by Encounter in Consolidated Invoice
New Payment Receipt Format
New Grouping by Product Class in Invoice Consolidated
Initial Amount Added to Cash Reconciliation Report
Invoice Consolidated Reports Data Improvements
Charges Date Replacing Validation
Hospital Logo and Billing Username on Invoices
VAT free for patients with Cash Discount insurance coverage
User ID Added on Charges Report and Discount Charges
Patient Summary in Multibilling window
Bed number and follow-up data for Invoice Reports
Balance Encounter Report in Multibilling
Tax handling for Saudi born patients
Validation diagnoses in Multibilling
Modifications to the quote
Consolidated invoice report shows SFDA codes instead of hospital codes
Charging flexibility for subsequent consultation
Implementation of electronic remittance note and invoice format
Modifications to the multibilling interface
New data in Multibilling report
Print claim format in consolidated invoice
Label change in Service Station column to Transactional Organization
NPHIES Poll Request
Copy insurance information from apollo in Multibilling
Sending charges from Cirrus to Apollo
Consolidate Claim Report
New Nphies field in Business partner group
Send different types of pre-authorization message from cirrus to nphies portal
Requires Supervisor Approval for Discounts
Send pre-authorization message from cirrus to nphies portal.
Handling of confidential information: patient name in reports
See agreement discount percentage on invoice by business partner
Consolidated invoice by product category
Updated Invoice format for EBGDH client
Tax Rule VAT for Non-Saudis Only
New column for Unpaid invoices per customer Report
View the under agreement unit and total price per charge in Multibilling