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Warehouse requests, inventory and reports handling and control

Types of Warehouses

Import Inventory Batch : Automatically create batches
Storage and Stability Requirements for Multidose Drugs
Import FDA codes for up to 40 characters
Supply warehouse access according to role
Display of Lots with Stock Only
Automatic Replenish Lead Time Calculation
Product Category Access Filter
Supply Chain Management Internal Reports Enhancement
Warehouse and MRN Filters Improvement for Movement Confirmation Processes
Encounter data adjustments in Reports
Supply Chain Management requisitions linked with Contract Agreement
Warehouse combo security by user
Added new fields to Import File Loader
Add favorite vendor on requisitions
The medications have the CPT (GTIN) code
Storage specifications for medications and preparation date
Display color alters for about to expire lots
Show qtyonhand and qtyavailable on product search
Expiration date in windows where the lot is shown
Safety in the use of drugs
New fields for the Charge Master Importer
New face for Current Stock report
Reserved Quantity in Inventory Adjustment
Manufacturer Field in Charge Master window
Product Information window Navigation Improvements
Update Price List Data for Purchase Orders Duplicates
Service Orders Reception Validation
Document Status in Movement Request Reports
Purchase Orders Edit Permissions to Buyer Users
UOM Rule for Rounding Up in Product Delivery
Current Vendor Validations
Discount Open Quantities in Automatic Replenish
Product Information & Current Stock Filters Improvement
Movement Confirmation Alert
Warehouse Filter Added to the Purchasing Reports
Add Multiple Product Lines in Material Reception
Supply Chain Management Role Access Validations
Expiration Date Added to the Report of Current Stock
Imported Files Errors in Inventory Adjustment window
Product Balance Improvement for Lot-Stored Products