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Medical Consultation 1st and 2nd Level
Medical Consultation 1st and 2nd Level

Medical Consultation records of 1st and 2nd Level.

Validity Days column for Medications
Minor Company Field in Printed Prescriptions
Diagnoses added to Discharge Medications window
Nimbo's Medical Consultations
Payment Status in Medical and Specialty Schedule
Form Search Filter Improvement
High Risk Warning Sign in Printed Dose Labels and Lots Labels
Improvement on eMAR Report for Medication Orders
Order Sets Priority and UOM fields
Physician Color Configuration for Assistant Schedule
Attending Physician filter on Physician Dashboard
Encounter Dashboard's printing options improved
Dispensed Medications Tab Improvement (EHR)
Edited/Discontinued Drugs Messages shown in Electronic Patient Record
Admitting Fields in Medical Schedule
Update EHR information for discharged patients
Name printing improvement in labels according to KSA requirements
Added fields in order set window
Handle Locked Patient in Medical Schedule
Appointment Status Filter in Medical Schedule & Assistant Schedule
Admitting Info in Summary Report and Electronic Patient Record
Encounter Number in Medication Tab (Electronic Patient Record)
New questionnaires functionalities
Generate API to receive vital signs from Nimbo to Cirrus
Encounter No. for Procedures in EHR
Validity days in Medical Schedule Report
Generics improvement for (Rx) type of prescriptions in Medical Schedule
Delete button implementation in Form Section Search
Policy Expiration Date in Header
Encounter and Insurance Data Added to Medical Schedule
Medical Schedule: Fields for insurance approvals
Deactivate and Reactivate Forms in Form Search menu
Search criteria function in Form Section Search
Screen shows diagnosis linked to medications
Configure the width of the images loaded in a form
MRN use on Service Orders window
Medispan messages in ER module
Search by generic product feature in Medical Orders Set
Add Unit Of Measure (UOM) when prescribing medications of discharge
See Electronic Patient Record that your patient has in Nimbo
The electronic patient record shows laboratory and imaging results
View HL7 Orders Results
Authenticate STAT medications
New columns in Audio Recordings and print button
Identification of patient diagnoses
Identification of STAT medications
New filters to consult in the Audio recording option
Show Diagnosis advice in the Patient header
The History of the Electronic Patient Record will indicate the type of medication that was administered
Print Prescription from Discharge Medication, Medical schedule and Outpatient Pharmacy[Saudi]
The date and time a study was completed, will be visible in the EHR History
Reorder medication prescriptions
New alerts messages from Medispan when prescribing medications in the Medical schedule
New alerts messages when prescribing medications part 2
Bloqueo y Desbloqueo de Expediente de Paciente
New alerts messages when prescribing medications
Changes to prescribed medical orders with immediate priority
See your patient's Electronic Health Record(EHR) from Nimbo
Change the deceased patients icon
Add new vital signs formula
Add validity day field to orders entry
Suggest prescribing High Risk drug 1 dose at the time
Benfits warning in medical appointment
High Risk Medication Warning
Block the use of medical records
Receive charges from Nimbo when consultation starts
Ambulatory prescription
Search, sort and print multiple documents
Allow to save vital signs in zeros of deceased patients
New management for intravenous prescription
Lock and Unlock a Patient Medical Record
Set the identifier code for combo and list questions
Medical Record Tracking module
Audio recordings for Medical Records
Drug Disease Validation
Operating Rooms Schedule is updated
Search in Generics in Charge Master II
Added Fields on Active Orders Report
Generic Drugs Color Identifier
Authentication Upgrade in Discharge and Other Forms
Improved Prescription Format for KSA
Improvements to the Electronic Patient Record options
Medication Reconciliation in Discharge Medications window
Improvements to Order Sets - IV Option
Forms Authentication by User
Date Validations in Prescriptions for Inpatients
Indications Mandatory for PRN Drugs
Patient Information Summary
Log of Prescriptions Edition
Patient Label
Rx Restrictions by Drug Family
Adverse Drug Reaction
Quantity Format on Clinical Screens
New Quantity Format in Clinical Screens - Part 2
Record Info in Clinical Options
Drug Classification in Electronic Patient Record (Medications tab)